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Bro this Songg is Bangin ! lovin this jam!


thank you so much for all the love and support of this song!! makes us work that much harder to make ya'll proud

Jared Horton

Do you guys have sheet music for this song??

Kalomo G

John Legend aint got nothing on this Kid!!!

Mike Cornejo

not even close. JUNIOR ALL DAY.

Tatiana Nunez

i fell in love with this song a couple years ago.. now, my baby girl loves it! she stops crying when she hears it and falls asleep to it!

Kealani Jarra

My future wedding song <3

Soph D

same girl, same :)

Alexis Casales

First time I heard them live, Jr had just lost his mom and dedicated this song to her. I had lost my second mom (grandma), and related to that. This song is incredibly lovely. Hits home 💛

Daron Garvis

You’re love is like ecstasy, it makes me feel so free I wake up every morning, can’t wait to see u again. You got me fiending for you girl, now I’m on top of the world You’re taking me high, on cloud nine, n we’re flying. And every time I close my eyes, I just wanna hold you. And every time I say good bye, I don’t wanna let you go

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