One Love
Cormega Lyrics

Nas: What up with Cormega, did you see him, are y'all together?
(from Illmatic, "One love")

Yea I'm about to write this letter, lay it down you know?

[Verse 1]
Dear Nas, what up son it's Mega
I got your letter, me and my cousin Oogie here together
Aiyyo your man Duke came through
you should know the situation cause we dealing with the same crew
and you can tell that crab shorty I'm a hurt her
for fucking with them niggaz from that crew she know we want to murder
a yo that shit about Jerome's niece is foul
she was bringing niggaz mad loud when we was locked down
put around town the 4 pounds of glocks
on the dime block
labels are marked now they have they full time lock
son fuck the stupidness
shorty be trooping it
next time you see her hit her off with some loot and shit
don't forget the kicks I already got flicks
Big Ice hid the bricks from see-76
homocide thieves are ready to blitz
travelers think
string with the grin his razor blade blew six

one love, one life, one mind dreaming
son one day I'm leaving
one thug showing you love for one reason
for all my niggaz that's locked down and bleeding (2x)

[Verse 2]
Anyway I heard Black Jay was getting paper
tell my nigga Nut his man Bass is here from Jamaica
I was holding down a fourth and for a other ton
you couldn't touch a jack unless you had gats or box cutters
I seen an ox cutter, so many features
niggaz sneaking up and blowing motherfuckers for their sneakers
I seen this kid cut police up, for real money creeped up
slid the ills out and blew the beast up
yo handcuffs can make a man tough and suffer
my rhymes keep your mind stimulated like a lye puffer
yo this life is type bugged
I'm surrounded by dope fiends and thugs
but I'm a still maintain my brain frames so...

one love, one life, one mind dreaming
son one day I'm leaving
one thug showing you love for one reason
for all my niggaz that's locked down and bleeding (2x)

[Verse 3]
Yo the other day I got it on in my dorm
I had Fila slippers on then I transformed
my man dawg from ?Nostra? in the back posting
money started looking when he seen dawg approaching
I said, yo black we could take it to the back
but that's about the time the razorblade made contact
I got relaxed, the fact he collapsed and bitched up
and got ripped up and stitched up for trying to ?get ya'll?
I picked up my ill-son said chill
yo parlay and walked away the kids face build
stashed my ox in case they throw my ass in a box
I could splat the first idi-ot looking for props
the phone time locked, my chrome ox makes domes hot
if I can't live then I'ma blow up your whole spot
seen shorty on her visit and gave her a hug
when she cried I recognized we symbolized one love..

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Just a supreme example of why I hold Mega in such high regard. Around these times, Mega, the Mobb and Nas were the shining jewels in the QB crown.



Charles Riles

All lyrical painter.. mist talented neighborhood in the history of rap

Joshua Davis

Mega still got it.

Gwola from da Ville

I was raised off them boys right there.

Carmelo Flores

yo mega is the realness his flow his bars is like water he's definitely on my top five

Jocelyn Duffoo

THIS is hip hop.


A lot of the dudes on this comment have no self esteem.

Fernando Pimentel

@Dean Slegos 🤡🤡

Dean Slegos

@Mr. D Brown 10/10 wack factor

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