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Dougal Gammer & Chris Fear
Darren Styles Breeze & Hixxy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Hixxy:

Brother Someday we'll meet again One day we'll speak again I never…
Come Together Is it right or wrong Try to find a place We can…
Dream to Me All my life It's changing every day In every possible way …
More And More I feel the rhythm more and more I like to jump…
Music Is My First Love I'm taking no religion No religion's taking me Now theres …
Sacrifice Don't you look behind You got a long, long way to…

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Comments from YouTube:


This song is badass... This needs way more views then its getting.


I've listened to dubstep since 2010, and I'm finally hearing this song. This song is just epic, nothing like it

Eliot Khachi

0:57 best part


power tune m8


Listened 5 times till the end.Time in my country 14:09. Me: Meh lets listen a little more. 22:00 still listening the same song.


production on this is class, the snare that comes in at
2:02 is dope haha


Was looking for this for ages!! :) Cheers!


i <3 dis phat beat lolz


Hmm... Why don't I put this song in my school party? :D Would be fun :D

Damien O'Brien


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