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by Dave Matthews Band

Crazy as I may,
Make my way through this world,
Oh, it's for no one but me to say,
What direction I should turn in now.

Cause I am the captain of this ship,
Wanting eyes and kissing lips.
The same as it was,
And will remain until I'm done and gone.

Strange, but it seems,
There's mutiny brewing inside of me now.
I don't want your pity,
Just the promise that I'll be alright.

Cause I am the captain of this ship,
Curious hands and fingertips.
The same as it was,
And will be until I'm gone.

Oh, I know I'm a dreamer,
Still think it's strange?
I won't be here for long.
Oh, I know that I feel,
Oh, wait and go again, Again.

Oh, look, I'm buried,
Like a cancer eating away inside of me.
I don't want your pity,
Only the promise that I'll be okay now.

But I am the captain of this ship,
Curious hands and fingertips.
The same as it was before here,
Here, back after all.

Why should I be hypnotized,
By the promise of a long life?
Why should I hold hope,
In tiny, tiny dribbles that glide by?
Why should I lean on everything... upon
I won't be here long...

Oh, I know I'm a dreamer,
Still seems a truth.
I won't be long for here.
Oh, it's so, but I think I lay this,
On now your lips.
I'm drowning.

I am the captain of...oh...but, I'll be okay after all

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Comments from YouTube:


So it's a bummer they didn't include Dave's full story at the beginning of this video, but before this song, Dave said,

"There was a really good friend of ours that lived not far from here a while ago, an old friend. And she was fighting illness for a long time, and she lived full and great, but eventually she succumbed to it. But one of the things she said to me was, 'I am the captain of this ship!'"

So that's why he says that at the beginning of the video.


Thanks for the context - was wondering why he said it

Bradley Sturgeon

He said the same thing at Deer Creek 6/21/13 Friday show. Huh

Pavel Karas

Thank you for explanation!

Cheryl D'Anisi


lionel martin

the most underrated dmb tune.

Guitar Addict


Eric P

Way to NOT have the video on Carter during his sweet fill @3:45!


+Eric P I can understand not showing Carter during the little funky part that I mentioned, but that fill at 3:45 demands attention! Musically there's nothing else happening then. Instead of showing Carter playing those kickass singles around his lower toms, they showed Stefan just bobbin' his head.


Oh they cut out what he said right before which changed the whole meaning of the song to me...he stated that they had a woman friend that was local...she had cancer and they visited her (this isnt verbatim), and when asked about the cancer she told Dave "I" am the captain of this ship! and there was a little more to it....unfortunately she passed....but being a cancer patient myself it changed the song for me...but in a good way....

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