De̊ǰa Lyrics

Everyday I take the time to listen
And it seems pretty clear,
You got a system.
Listening to bias take
Geting listless.
I can see the great divide
We're in it.
Look at your big charade
We live it
Forcing us to behave
Like prisoners
Art can be such a curse
It's submission
When you know the only way
Is the system.

Baby it's cruel to us
Baby it's cruel to us.
Denial just fuels the lust
Diluting our hope and trust.

Looking out upon the lines
Of believers
Feels like they're hearing lies
But can't see it
Power is a deadly vice
Make or breaker.
Everyday we're more resigned,
To our maker.

Baby it's cruel to us
Baby it's cruel to us
Denial is just fuels the lust
Diluting our hope and trust

Writer(s): Jack Arentz, Claire Rayner

Contributed by Josiah Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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What a fucking track, amazing sound!

Zachary McSweeney

Anticipating big things, guys! Cannot wait to see this channel blossom.

Louska Lampe

I saw a vid on facebook with this song in it and i searched soooo long for this! Great music! keep it up! Greetz from Amsterdam!


Awsome sound, lovin it!


Love it


omg i love this song sooo much <33


Great song, you guys should post this on hypem!


Thank you Deja and thank you Triple j


MAGIC MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louska Lampe

I surely will!

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