Determination Lyrics

Verse One

I have lost my sight entirely
From all the shame I put in me
I have ignored you
And so the whole reality
My ears were closed
My eyes were shut
I was going too far
It was time to stop
But then your hand took mine
And lifted me up


In my reminiscence
I see you walk beside me
And I have ignored you
But now I know it's true
The only life left in me is you

Verse Two

How come that I've become so blind?
I must have lost my mind
But I won't forget
What you have done for me
You changed my night into day
And forgave me in every way
And so my friend to you I say


I've come here to stay
And now I won't go away
Now that it's come so far
I will never go to my old life again

Verse Three

Times have been hard enough
But I know you're still here
I will never loose my trust in you
But I got to change my attitude

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