Your Heart
Donavon Frankenreiter Lyrics

And some days I'm only half my size
And some days I'm ten feet kneelin'
And some days I'm the owner of this city
And some days I get caught steelin'
And then I hear the sirens blow
And the church bells they let me know that it's just

Your heart, your heart, your heart

And sometimes I feel six feet under
Sometimes I wanna scream loud as thunder
Sometimes I know the world feels like it's shaking
I'd rather be know for giving but for now I'm taking
Static in my mind
Just to fight trough the distance and the time baby

Your heart, your heart, your heart

Somewhere out there is a lost and found
Somewhere out there is a lasting love
Somewhere out there playing is the saddest tune
Somewhere out there I can hear the beating of
Your heart, your heart, your heart
It's just your heart beating

Your heart, your heart, your heart


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Comments from YouTube:

Laura Trenado

Finally found this song!!! This song comes on everyday at work, I work at a car dealership and everytime it starts I always thought some bad ass mariachi song was gonna start or a song by Vicente Fernandez 😂😍

mira latumahina

The song mellows my state of mind

zenaida Z

Was looking for this song like crazy!!! Idk why but I feel such relief I finally found it 😊

David Harrison

I found it thru Shazam on my cell phone.

Claudita Pérez

This song is just amazing. It gives me hope and it makes me miss you a little less. All I wanna do is wait happy for our reunion... your mexican girl.

Lorelei Grove

They play this song at Lowe's and it drove me crazy that I couldn't find it. I'm so relieved that I finally did!!!

Bret Kindell

Shazam will fix your problems

David Harrison

You should get the Shazam app on your smartphone. Just push the button, and the phone will pick up the music, and it'll show not only the name of the song, but the name of the artist as well.

Eduardo Garcia Haros

I remember a Mexico ♥ By the Mariachi ♥

M Monroy

Love the song. Randomly found it and the fact im mexican and used mariachi made me like it even more

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