Free World
Dropsaw Lyrics

Look back a few years to see how things have changed
parted our on ways there's nothing left to say
friendships corroded how I wish things were the same
my Brothers my friends when did our blood drain

first off we had a difference in mind
your ways was something I could not find
it tore us apart
but I'll believe in what I want
my life you know that I'm never gonna change it
it's where I want to be
this wont destroy me
your life you know that I'm never gonna change it
it's not for me
this loss was meant to be

understanding that life goes on
it beats you up but you must hold up
forget the past get on with the good
it's something that you should

never let it get you down
stand for
who you fucking are

convince me that everyone should think the same
there is no way I wont be the one put to shame
don't follow what everyone else thinks is the way
stay true to who you are and live it up everyday

breaking free
taking pride
there's no need
to run and hide


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