Pretty Horses
Dwight Yoakam Lyrics

Pretty horses are what I have to ride

Lonely memories are where I go to hide

Empty pages are all I choose to write

But I love, I love
But I love, I love, I love
Broken windows are what I look through
Softly searching for small signs of me and you

Gently thinking of what's left that we could do
About our love, our love
About our love, our love, about our love
About our love, our love
About our love, our love, about our love
Pretty horses are still hard to ride
With each other we will find a place to hide
All the pages are still there to write
I love our love, But our love, our love

Contributed by Makayla O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Mary Ward

Great song and music as usual. This man just canโ€™t sound bad. My very favorite singer these days.

Cynthia G.

Agreed. Super talented. Not recognized enough!

nunya sauce

Mary Ward I totally agree Dwight is by far one of the most talented musicians out there.

Magic City Video Gamer

Even though this song is fresh off the press for 2018 it still sounds classic just like how country music should sound just like it did decades ago

bella sue

C&S Gaming

Jeff Madden

That describes Dwight as well.

aditi banerjee

The thrill of finding another song... That rare feeling of overwhelming overpowering sound ... right from the first hearing of first strain...Filling the senses... Being swept off ... It's so Beautiful... Just as any other Dwight number....


The Great Dwight Yoakam .. thank God there's still some consistency in this world.

Barbara Lilly


Daniel Tessari

Another classic! Dwight Yoakam is the king of hillbilly music!

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