Slowly But Surely
Eek-a-Mouse Lyrics

Oh, ohoho
Oh, ohoho

I am slow but I am sure
I am slow but I am sure

Mister dynamics stable it's not feeble
It's moving slow and moving sure

Can't you arrest my feel (?)
Even when I reach home
Got to be the promise land
But i am slow

I know i am sure
I'm coming home

I am calling and moving slow
But I am sure I'm coming home

Mister dynamics stable it's not feeble
It's undergo while moving slow

I'm coming home, coming home for sure.

Contributed by Nicholas E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Alex Tapia

classic song why aren't there more view? Guess people don't appreciate classics.

Jeffrey Padmore

A classic from Eek-a-Mouse. They sure don't make them like this anymore.


This tune still holds its own.....BOOM!

Vevine Goldson

This is beautiful.

Larry Moe

I'm playing this song at my wedding back 2 back selecta come down!

Marcus C

Dis tune sinks deep into your bone marrow. Tune from day!

Joshua Fimbres

I've jammed this song once a day for a cool half decade 💗


gettin stoned as we speak and this randomly came on................ Can't think of a better song, it's just too perfect!!

Alexander Alves

Sensacional! Eek a Mouse é pedrada!

Addis Temari

Mouse is great teacher, slow it down, be sure and get home.

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