Cleanin' Out My Closet
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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


- his bestfriend died
- his dad abandoned him
- his mom hated him
- his mom was also a drug addict
- failed 9th grade 3 times
- his wife cheated on him
- bullied all through his life for no such things
- was a drug addict
But even through all that he is still one of the GREAT RAPPERS OF ALL TIME!

All comments from YouTube:


Why isn this on 1B views


wow, Nasty c!!!! I'm a big fan of your's


Ivyson religion


Why ?!


because these kids listen trash artists


Lmao even nasty C respects the G.O.A.T

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So Eminem now hates this song? Why? This is brilliant


What am I doing with my life


Only reason I’m here. I hate when I’m herded like sheep.😑


He’s lost the hatred for his mom, I think

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