Help Yourself
Envy & Other Sins Lyrics

The science of the song, it's all Greek to me
Like the way you put me on with your faux naivety
You might be a bag of nerves with a hand in every pie
But there's a longing in your eyes that says: "I know I should be first"
And although you scream and curse until your face is blue and black
It doesn't matter about your verse unless the chorus is up to scratch

But despite all that, I can't help myself
If you are where it's at, come on and help yourself
A temperamental soul with a mental temper too
Or a poet on parole with a case for sniffing glue
If you scramble in the dust telling words of honest truth
Start doing what you must before they take away your youth

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Everytime I envy something or someone, I get sad and depressed.

winterrowd 19

I think it should be important to note that when we are in the envy state, we should be wary of our feelings because it can really manifest on our actions and behavior. I do hope if we are in that state, it does not lead us to sabotage others.

Witch of feminine Power

Me too but I get so angry and depressed to the point that I want to kill them or kill myself😭

weird airport dude

I personally deal with this sadness by just feeling it and understanding it and I allow myself to be sad and know that this won't last forever. then I focus on what I have and be greatful for it. then I would stop comparing myself to others cause ever since I was a kid Ive been taught to comparemyself to others and I realize now on how unhealthy it is.

Bobby _

same here. I just envy someonr and i feel so down

Brandon Baza

Cause we really don’t want to feel that way

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Envy is just jealous that he’s not a human.

weirdo _XD


NC Styles

Envy and jealousy are different things. Envy is being unhappy someone got a Boeing plane as his private jet! (Drake) Jealousy is having someone be rewarded, even doe y’all did the same job.


Yay!! I’m so happy you guys get my reference :D

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