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Amerykahn Promise
by Erykah Badu

Promise to you baby, I'll love you tooth for tooth and eye for eye
Promise to you baby, I'll love you tru and good till the day I die

Promise Promise Amerykhan promise

Promise to you baby, anything you want you know I'll buy
Promise to you baby, you will never have ask to me why

Promise Promise Amerykhan promise

Promise I'll love you till the day I die
Promise I'll love you good and give you the sky
Promise I'll never love another guy
Promise I'll give you things that you can't buy

I'll give you my nose
I'll give you my toes
I'll give you my eyes
I'll give you my ears
I'll give you my hands
I'll give you my lips
I'll give you my tongue
I'll give you my thighs
Damn near anything you want

Promise to you baby, I'll love you tooth for tooth and eye for eye
Promise Promise Amerykhan promise

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Comments from YouTube:

Weyes Noir

This album is just getting more and more relevant every day. We really need systemic change and Erykah gets it .

A Forex

this was SOOOOOOOOO SLEPT ON! the gag is its so relevant and today is 5/9/2020....SHES AHEAD OF HER TIME! amerikkka .....SMH THIRD WORLD COUNTRY

B FoCuz YT

I bought this when it came out MY QUEEN 😍 much respect to real artist like you QUEEN ❀️


"Has anyone seen my 42 laws?" That's been put away for right now... the men have some business to handle. America the 4th WORLD! TIC TOCK THE END IS NEAR!

Emperor DoooDa

She predicted this 10 or more years in advance i was waiting for her vision here it is. Next is Amerykah version 2 ONE RACE

John Michael Hunt

More timeless and relevant than ever. She's a visionary.

Reese Whitman

Brian (boo) the scary people are still threatening me.. you know who I love no matter who wants me

Yawana Love

November 22,2019πŸ’›


2019 promise

Jimin_you_got_no_jams ss

Queen an the band .live. real tones. 4 your brain. πŸŽΉπŸŽΆπŸŽ΅β€πŸ’œ

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