The Fortunate Ones
Evergreen Terrace Lyrics

We can get to the ocean.
Before the end of the sun.
We can wash off the ashes.
We are the fortunate ones.

We can get to the ocean.
Against the tempest we run.
We can wash off the ashes.
We are the fortunate ones.
Check your pulse.
Make sure that you're still breathing.
Catch your breath.
Accept that you're not dreaming.
We saw the swarm rise over the mountains.
Held onto hope as we lost track of days.

You better run and hide.
Carry what you love.
Keep it by your side.
They'll leave nothing behind.
Our bones picked clean.
And the whites pulled from our eyes.

Contributed by Elena R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jose Montes

I imagine being put into the ground someday with every one of your albums playing at my funeral. ALL HAIL EVERGREEN TERRACE

Lorena Pierobon

Muito bom


It's amazing!!!! 


after 4 years finally a new album <3

iQueenzx- (✿◠‿◠)

i only liked memphis may fire from riserecords but damn... Gotta hand it to them.. This is fucking awesome!! :o

T Cow

Rise records actually released something good?! :O

Phil Pacific

correction: evergreen terrace brought some talent to rise records.


I shit in a breast pump once... Good times. Perhaps the best of times? Well actually this one time back in the like- idk probably like 2k4- Evergreen Terrace stayed with us at my homie Gabes house in Erie PA. It wasn't cool. Everyone was asleep. And hella awkward. . . I might have shit in said breast pump that night. Who really knows??? Alls I know is that was a "Heavy Number 2". That was a really weird time in my life. ✌️


Michael Jackson


The Color Morale

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