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Buffet Tea for Two
by Family

Buffet tea for two, a farewell kiss for you
I climb aboard and shut that door, we're through
I'm on the train and then I look back once again
Before I know what's happening, we're moving
To a new start, a new city
Leaving you my pretty
It's not so hard as not leaving there at all
Been knowing you for so long
The habit just seemed wrong
I got things to do and it seems like that's the cure

Think of her a while, and I offer no denial
I'm excited like it's out of style, oh it's thrilling
Bedsit by the tube, evening dinner too
Steady job, good prospects due, if I'm willing


We just passed some boats
Can't be far to go
Man up train is putting on his coat, we're slowing
Yes Pancras here I come
I raced them all and won
On the platform and I run, oh I'm running


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