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Burn Slow
by First Degree

The pain youve caused us lasts forever.
id give anything to watch you stop breathing.
Watch you reap what you've sewn.
Smash your skull let the ignorance bleed out.
Fuck you.
Racist scum, burn slow.
Look our way you narrow minded fucks, were burning your flags and spitting on your fucking graves.
Take one step back and look our way.
Plenty of heads that want to stab you in the face.
keep this shit up and youll fucking be trampled under the soles of our unity. Well fight to no end. fuck your claim.
Put a hit on my head. Ill fucking die for this.
Your false sense of pride is nothing but bullshit and this blade to your throat is your way out of this world.
You are the cancer that the world was cursed with.
You will be wiped out.
You will face extinction.
Scum of the world stop breathing.
Scum of the world, its time to die.
I want to watch your family mourn in shame .
I want to see your fucked up face regret every word you spoke and every action youve made.
Your blood will always be on our hands.

Contributed by Allison I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.

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