You and I
Foy Vance Lyrics

Well, tomorrow may not be like any other day
It's so hard to know now, what with the collecting they

See, lately they've been swinging high the wrecking ball
Tipping dirt on the foundations I spent so long upon
Making sure they would be strong

But you and I, we are hard as stone
You and I, we are hard as stone
I may empty out my pockets in their hat one day
Then I'll turn my back and I will simply walk away

They may think it over and reach out their hand
But I'll have long since disappeared by then like water in the sand
'Cause you see, gold was all that they had planned

But you and I, we are hard as stone
You and I, we are hard as stone

They're like pawns on attack
And I'm back here castling
Trying to find my feet
And find my joie de vive again
But I can't make it on my own
And I need something strong
That I can build new hope upon

But you and I, we are hard as stone
You and I, we are hard as stone

You and I
You and I
You and I
You and I
Baby, you and I
You and I

Writer(s): Foy Vance

Contributed by Caroline R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Patricia Wagstaff

Foy.... Come to Grand Rapids, Michigan. USA
I am absolutely sure you will see that you have many fans..
Or better yet...Come to Cedar Springs , Michigan which is about 20 miles north of Grand Rapids. There is a beautiful place called Morley Park. It would be a great a
place to have an out door concert.
Our little city has many great people
Who are friendly n kind.
Please give this request some thought.
Thank you.

Please give it some thought ...

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tim scanlan

If there's any justice in this world Foy Vance will break worldwide this year. The guy deserves to be a massive star.

Clark Stone-Bear

2021 and I just found him! Why the hell is he not famous. I'm paying him to everyone I know!!

Weird Welshman

@Rachel Paulson Yep, Still waiting. At least we found him.

Dr Greenthumb

Good music is often overlooked. Keep it that way I say!

Salman Khan

I agree to every of of your words...

Rachel Paulson

From the future to let y’all know: no justice.

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David Purkerson

Sometimes life gets so hard for so long it seems like hope will never come again. You put this song on to play kinda soft, take your true love in your arms, and feel new strength from these simple words, "You and I, we are hard as Stone." Thank you Foy Vance for your strength. Your music has inspired me through some hard days.

Younes Mahjoub

I would like to meet the people who disliked this and ask them "What is wrong with you?"


No taste, afraid to be real, don't know how to be. Any number of defects.


They are deaf and frustrated...:(

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