Forest Nativity
Francis Bebey Lyrics

Come into the world my child
Awake into life, my child
Life is good
You will see
Come into the world my child

All of us are here
Awaiting you
And the whole forrest will burst into applause
And leap for joy
As soon as you are born
The whole forest is expecting you
You can see the panther
Wearing his finest coat
And the lion
The king himself
Wearing a brand new mane to welcome you

Come into the world my child
Awake into life my child

Come into the world
Don't be afraid of the wicked
We have confined the wicked into a prison of scorn, of contempt
From where they'll never escape
The wicked will never trouble you
Or make you unhappy
Because we are here
All of us
Awaiting you

Come into the world
Awake into life, my child
Come, the whole forrest is expecting you

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Comments from YouTube:


This track is beyond dope.

Reuben Grivell

hella dope


This is naturally induced psychedelia right here! SOOO DOPE


I love this artist, and this album is exceptional. Easily in my top favorite finds in the last few years. I just wish I could find more information about it and about Francis Bebey!

Elke Zwinge-Makamizile

Francis Bebey and his eternal music, never forgot...28.5.2020

Ajo Wong

I’m pregnant 🤰🏾 my mother in law just emailed me this song ♥️♥️

Meddlesome Music

I love the inward singing

House of Courgette Video Suite

might be the best song ever


those flutes, what a spicy gem.


who needs drugs when you've got senses

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