Funk Vigilante, Riot Police: We need your help!

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Riot Police
by Funk Vigilante

Megaphone man
Put on my top hat
I step up to the podium

We interrupt this broadcast
to bring you a special report
on the N.W.O.

We gotta beat it, beat it, beat it
Resolve to defeat it
Because they all stand for control

We're going to rise
because we know what real freedom is for
So let's go

Turn it up.

This could be the world
that you read about back in 1984
Big brother,
big brother is watching you
and the police are on patrol

They're gonna beat it, beat it, beat it
Too lost to read it
Because they all stand for control
We got a right/left
Right/Left paradigm
as we march towards the war

Turn it up.

Big brother
Big brother has come to care
The all-seeing eye
has come to stare
The Illuminati
knows all, controls all and owns all

Everybody protest in the street

Fuck the riot police

Fuck the riot police

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