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Gentleman Lyrics

mi sing five til hardway
fi bun down saddam and go more up bun buckingham everyday
worry a nuh stray
we now inna hear say hey nah layed, lay nah come fi play

we tell ya tie dem glamorous, bitteres, we a move conscious
de pulls up in a dem legs as and now thinks are dem a dangerous
nah follow dem because dem move to ridiculous
put a faya pon deh wake they cant stop us

ignore and bumbo you'll soon a collaborate
gwaan we a go celebrate, time fi you fi face
you cyaan take wha fi do cause we'll set deh pain, nowadays
Son we nah fit in a dem counting, a rist, and then
no relieness in di business, wie did da chief, one spin twice
shine no real truths ago release, hypocrits and parasites
yuh soon ago freeze, fi nah stop bunin justice and plant ganja
chase deh politics, turn ina herbalist we would a live in peace
meh go so than

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Comments from YouTube:

Marcus Vega

The jam kicks ass!

Papa Jeriko


Nico JP

Gentleman macht viele deutsche rappers hörbar... obwohl in dem lied da sind einigen rappers die königen von dem old school D-land style!!