Push Come To Shove
Gentleman Lyrics

rise up, rise up, rise up
rise up, rise up, rise up
they say when push come to shove
nothing a remain the same as it was
we hafi look up to the one up above (repeat)
verse 3:
so me see how all the enemies a line up
ready to attack me see the whole a dem a join up
none a dem can't touch me you nuh see seh that dem time up
dem searching and searching dem search hard fi find us
pree dem a pree and dem nuh take no time out
me tell the fool dem fi sign out
stop a minute wait a likkle take a check and me go find out
you can't stop this youth from shine out
verse 1
what's left and who got it
stocking up the people salary and
then you put it in your pocket
every opportunity you block it
but you can't run from the truth
can't hide under your jacket
think me nuh see how you a drop it
invest poor people money ina your bombs and rockets
your secret code me ago crack it
you try fi hide it hide it but now me unlock it
verse 3
fat clouds and big thunder
lightning straight to your conscience now you ago under
from straight over yonder
me see you sneaking around old anaconda
you still a fight against the ganja
and we know from the start that you is a warmonger
let no man cause a sunder
jah say food fi the poor him say food fi the hunger
me bun your triple six number
stop cut down the forrest for your hardware and lumber
unno no see seh dem a blunder
just like the first line it's lightning and thunder

Writer(s): Everold Anthony Dwyer, Otto Tilmann Copyright: Hanseatic Musikverlag Gmbh & Co. Kg, Ed. Red Black Green

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