What She Deserves
Gentleman Lyrics

Yes mama! Give thanks for all the things you had done for me
never let I go astray and end up ina tragedy
mama no cry no more
Jah love is for sure
glenn washington, mek dem know seh we ina secure

A one thing I desire
only on that will I seek
to see the children prosper
there is so many mouth to feed
Jah Jah bless all dem babymothers
give them children food to eat
with no help from their fathers
man it wicked deh out on the street

Give her what she deserve long time
mama earth is here to love and preserve mankind
I do my very best and reserve what's mine
keep the woman and the children dem fine-one more time

Mama no worry everything it will be better now
you will get everything that you prefer now
you see your son a grow up to be a stepper now
dem never know me woulda be a goalgetter now
and I can buy you bedslippers and sweater now
to keep you warm through all those cold wheather now
and make your burden get light like a fedder now
keepin' it real and forever now

Much respect is due to you mama
who raised me without a father
who teached me how to see myself
without any outside help
I will pray the blessings of the father
who's uplifting to all babymothers
teach the children how to show respect
let their actions be circumspect


One thing I desire
only on that will I seek
to see the children prosper
there's so many mouth to feed

Monday to monday
sunday to sunday
you catch me working you'll find me down there
hafi be there fi me daughter and me son deh
I am not the daddy who run weh
you talk bout poverty well we have been deh
you set a race and still we win deh
me know me family dem hafi in deh
a strictly culture we bring deh


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