Easy Go
Girl's Day Lyrics

Do you have crush on me?

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Mary Ng

@ExoPanda​come on Pls omg, If they really DID copied, wat for to put it out and show others?? Jump into a trap and let them make lose money and profits? (haha funny). Like they want it that way. Why not step inside their shoe and think about how they feel when this happen??

And if they actually copied it,maybe there's a hater in the company and want to sabotage tomochin?? Or maybe what???

Think about it after this incident,how would tomo feel?? when she can even maintain it and not showing her emotions to her fans. Continue producing more songs and put in her best in it??

I know that I sound bias to tomo but I'm trying to tell you guys that "don't judge the book content by only looking on their book cover"

not saying any bad things about girl's day

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lindsey mei

Does Tomomi know that it sounds exactly like this...?

Gavin Teo

They are made by the same producer, so it's supposed to be a different version in a different language that's all


exactly!! there was a song from her has the same rhythm,beat and tune to easy go...

Alex Black

Can Yura do more of these cutesy growl raps that she does at the end? xD

Girl's Day Fandroid

Why no video? One of my favs songs.

ᄋᄋᄏ꿈 용냥

Come partyそっくりじゃ




愛花TV あっちがリメイクしたからね

Princess Marshella

This reminds me of a T-ara song,maybe Lovey Dovey.

John Rodriguez

1st place after 1st

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