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Somehow He Loves Me
by Gladys Knight

Somehow he loves me
With all my faults, he finds virtue in me
How or why, I just can't see
Oh, it's so amazing, somehow, some way, it's me

Somehow he loves me
Though I'm not worthy of the love he's giving me
Though I do wrong, he won't let me be
Oh, it's so amazing, somehow, some way, it's me

Sometimes I can't stand myself
I can't see how nobody else can stand up by my side
Still the love shines in his eyes
Is love really all that blind or is it understanding and kind?
Yeah, it must be and it's plain to see

Because he loves me
Like mountains high and rivers so deep
No, I don't deserve it but he's there for me
Oh, it's so amazing, somehow, someway
Somehow, someway it's me

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