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July Morning
by Greenland Whalefishers

Was an early July morning
Sat down by the lake
Tried to supersede a whole lot of mistakes
If our eyes looked smart, we succeeded our fake

Small trout were jumping
Broke the waterline
Got a plastic bag of Amstel next to mine
I said "girl smell Mother Nature, ain't she fine"?

Was an early July morning I lost you
By the sea in gentle breeze, the sky was blue
When I smashed my 7th bottle
You said, "I'm leaving you"

God bless your heart of gold
Keep your complete control
A perfect way of growing old
And don't forget tomorrow
Help you through your big I.D.
Better love than honey E.
It keeps you from insanity
And settles down the sorrow

Was another July morning
I felt sick and slow
Killed some time by counting busses to and fro
Wanted to leave but I didn't have anywhere to go

Then a bright light in the shadow
An old man said "my son
My left front pocket's worth £700
And I don't want to drink them all alone"

Was another July morning close to heaven
I saved some booze and bread
In a dirty lane
I smashed a stone against his head

If you find me drowned in liquor
Down beside The Golden Vodka Gate
Hey, don't blame yourself
It was my self-made final fate

Writer(s): K. Hensley, D. Byron

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