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by Harry James Angus

She was more magical than I had expected
The spirit of an eagle could just be detected
On her shoulder in the light that comes before the dawn of sunrise

She kept a box behind the television screen
Filled with rocks and sticks and bugs and things
She said "There hasn't been electricity here since 1985"

And she handed me a candle when the lights went dim
She said "This house is filled with ghosts, Jim"
And sometimes I think they're calling my name
And would you like another glass of wine

And we talked and we talked and we talked
It was so good to talk, her heart was a leopard, her tongue was a fork
The words were like leaves, all scattered and green
And we lay on the floor

(La la la...)

She was more magical than I had expected
The spirit of a lion could just be detected
By her side when you stood behind her and looked in the mirror

She had just been in an African dream
And I couldn't believe all the things she had seen
She said "Why do people always speak of the horror?"

And she handed me a tissue as the lights went dim
She said "Your eyes are filled with tears, Jim"
I cried for the sick and the restless
And I drank some wine and looked over my meadows

The millions, the silent, the simmering, the angry, the righteous
The manic fanatics with semi-automatic rifles
I'll give you a hundred dollars to tell me what life is
I'll go to the gym, I'll read you the bible

(La la la...)

And so here we all are together again
I hope that you get your money's worth my friends
And if you came to laugh, I hope that you laugh
And if you came to cry, well here are some onions

La la la la, it's just me and my guitar
I'll sing you a sad song, a song from the heart
About the little things that make us smile and forget
Our troubles at least for a while

And we all are more magical than we could have expected
The lights of the future can just be detected in the distance
We strain our eyes to see further

Writer(s): Benny Latimore, Jean Claude Olivier, Fred Brooks, Samuel J. Barnes, Otis Jackson, Richard Jackson, Jermaine Baxter

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