Sleepy California
Her Space Holiday Lyrics

I used to think that I knew
My way around this town
But I'm always getting lost
Since you're not around
I never thought that I would say this
But I miss my mom
Even though for all those years
We didn't get along
And when I stop to think about it
I guess we were the same
Too stubborn to apologize
Too filled up on rage

I wish she felt young again
When everything was new
When her father held her hand
And said, "There's nothing you can't do"

And then I woke up to a phone call
Right On Christmas day
It said, "Your grandmother is dying
In a painful way
Her lungs are filling up with fluid
Even as we speak
The doctor said that if she's lucky
She'll make it 'til next week"
I had one last chance to see her
Right before I moved
But I didn't end up going
I used some lame excuse

I hope that she's not scared
Lying there alone
I hope she hears her husband's voice
Telling her she's coming home

It's just sleepy California
But I just hope they know
It's just sleepy California
How much I really care
It's just sleepy California
How I want the best for them
It's just sleepy California
Even though I'm hardly there


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Comments from YouTube:

Shannon Finnegan

This band is so underappreciated. I love this song so much. Makes me cry every time I hear it. <3

ciny allen

its not a band. its one guy and hes a multi-instrumentalist. at one point in time i had every album, but through moving a bunch just after high school i lost a couple. he kinda did every genre of music worth doing. helped me through some hard times. there is a remix version of this album and all of them are worth looking into if you like this album. he's most certainly underappreciated.


I used to be the same way when I heard this. Still choke up but no tears anymore.



Olivia Sartoris

+Irisviel Blakeheart retweet

Meegs B

I miss my brother Joel so much. Rest In Peace beloved big brother

jared mckeone

yes! beautiful!

Amber Marie

not sure why but every so often i come back to this song for a good cry.



Evan Riddell


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