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Jake Boi

Well Loberta, Well Loberta
Girl, can't you hear me callin' you
Well you're three times seven, baby
You know just what you gotta do

Well Loberta, well Loberta
Girl, you tell me where you been
When you come home this mornin'
You had your belly full o' gin

Well I'll say hurry, hurry, Loberta
Girl, you got company waiting you at home
Why don't you hurry little Loberta
Don't leave that boy alone

Yeah, Tipitina tra la la la
Tipitina tra la la
Tipitina hoola walla malla dolla
Tipitina tra la la

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What buffoon disliked this?
It's not supposed to be a clone of the original.
The fact that Hugh had the stones to do this song in his own way is exactly what makes it cool.
I've never heard anyone cover this song with any seriousness before Hugh.
I think recording and releasing this was gutsy as hell. Props.


Well it’s definitely not a clone of the original, and it’s even pretty good. But come on, do you really think 20 years from now you’re going to go nuts until you find the Hugh Laurie version? I know I’ll still be craving Professor Byrd’s sloppy technique and his unintelligible diction and it will still make me wonder about his life and times and what the song really meant and what New Orleans truly means.

Jelly Roll Gamer

Dr Johns arrangement is my personal favourite but I agree this is a great version


@blueslove61 uh huh


@ConservativeAnthem The point was; he shouldn't do it like the original.


@Jason Carpp I wouldn't go that far. But, it's hoppin'.

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Ricardo Cortes

¡¡Magnífico Hugh! !...que buen ritmo de el y la Banda..

Silvia do Prado

Disco maravilhosooooo... Quero!

Marcio Cavalcanti de Simone

Um arranjo muito bom, bem elaborado taí passo horas ouvindo, Boommmm !

Dino M

The man is ageless and what a talent. I even love listening to him talk!

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