Be In Love
Itzy Lyrics

Ah ah
조금 멀리 떨어져 있지 (ooh ooh)
쉽지는 않을 그런 얘기 (ooh ooh)
서로를 마주 보던 눈빛과
짜릿했던 우리 떨림도 (yeah)
조금은 흐려진 것 같아

I wanna feel
자꾸만 널 그려 그려
잊지 않길
I'ma find it, so come on

Be in love 우리 알고 있잖니
Heart to heart 너도 느끼지
Hey love hey love 조금 기다려 줘
We can be together

Say bye bye 지루하던 날들에
느껴봐 우리 에너지
Hey love hey love, baby just stay in love, love
(Ooh ooh) ooh yeah, (la la la la) na na na na
(Ooh ooh) ah ah (la la la)

너 없는 시간 killing me, killing me (yeah)
긴 하루 속에 견뎌 내 견뎌 내
뜨겁게 뛰던 너의 심장과
날 웃게 했던 이야기도 woo
왠지 멀리 있는 것 같아

내가 믿는 걸
너도 믿고 있지 있지
Want something real
Something real
I'ma find it, so come on

Be in love 우리 알고 있잖니
Heart to heart 너도 느끼지
Hey love hey love 조금 기다려 줘
We can be together

Say bye bye 지루하던 날들에
느껴봐 우리 에너지
Hey love hey love, baby just stay in love, love

(Ooh ooh) we can find the love again
(La la la la) wherever you are, forever ever baby
매일 힘껏 외쳐
너에게 닿길 기도하고 있어

We still need
Yeah we need each other
멀리 멀리 날아 갈 수 있다면
(Ah yeah yeah yeah) yeah one love
Ah 너도 느끼지

Be in love 우리 알고 있잖니
Heart to heart 너도 느끼지
Hey love hey love 조금 기다려 줘
We can be together
Say bye bye 지루하던 날들에
느껴봐 우리 에너지
Hey love hey love, baby just stay in love, love (ah ah)

(Ooh ooh la la la la)
(Ooh ooh la la la la)
(Ooh ooh la la la la) yeah yeah
(Ooh ooh) woo, we need each other, other

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Cazzi Opeia, Daniel Caesar, Yeon Jung Kim, Ludwig Lindell

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Ched Gatchalian

to all midzys

in every comeback, ITZY never failed to present special videos, dance practices or presentations made just for US MIZYS. all five of them love us truly, deeply. so this is an appeal to all of us: BE FAIR AND LOVE ALL ITZY MEMBERS. as much as they unconditionally admire us, let's admit there are MIDZY or SPIDERS rather hating on other members

- BULLYING YEJI. stop saying yeji is overrated, her voice isn't good, unhealthy competition against other members, or any other shady remarks against yeji. stop reporting her fan cams. stop disliking her videos. START APPRECIATING THE ACE OF JYP

- UNDERESTIMATING LIA. stop looking down on lia's vocals. stability =/= vocal technique. stop degrading her dance. remember that lia is in a group where the danceline is arguably the strongest in 4th gen, to be able to dance with them and catch up says a lot about her ability to dance and IMPROVE. also, lia is incredibly stable now!

- DISCRIMINATING OR WEAPONIZING CHAERYEONG. stop discriminating chae for not having the so-called "Korean beauty standards"; each one of us is BEAUTIFUL on our own way and we should stop conforming with the norms. chae is beautiful inside and out. also, stop weaponizing chaeryeong to cause FAN WARS inside the fandom or tear the Itzy apart. THEY ARE FIVE MEMBERS. yes, so far, JYP has been treating chae badly (tho it improved in current CB, she still has no dance break but we're waiting for it), but DO NOT USE HER AS A WEAPON TO HATE ON YEJI, LIA, ETC.

- PRESSURING YUNA. as we all know, yuna's doing extremely good with her dance, rap, and vocal. but stop pressuring her to improve QUICKLY. she has her own pace, she also has her own life to manage and discover. let her improve and criticize/suggest in healthy manner. also, appreciate yuna's prowess as all rounder NOT JUST her visuals.

- UNDERESTIMATING RYUJIN. saying ryujin is the weakest in the group just because she does not have the best vocals and is still training her rap is unfair. in be in love, we can all see that her vocals may not be the strongest in the group but she has the technique and she just have to improve it. she will also have her time. i also see some comments saying she is lazy, PEOPLE, DANCERS HAVE DIFFERENT DANCE STYLES. ryujin has a swagger, chill type of dance style.


ot5 midzys, REAL midzys, let us unite and love ITZY harder! let's not let BITCHY SPIDERS make any more chaos in our group!

My Queens Shin Yuna {Niya}

Totally agreed, we should love them all, not only some of them, dont hate some of them, Midzy is Itzy fandom name, and Itzy has five members

Itzy is not Itzy without
Hwang Yeji
Choi Jisu(Lia)
Shin Ryujin
Lee Chaeryeong
Shin Yuna

Truly Midzy love them all
Itzy is perfect when they're together

Ppl shouldn't report and disliking Yeji fancams only bcs she is the fame one, Yeji is love her member she is really carrying her member, she is such a good leader, and so talented as leader

Lia is having such an angelic vocals, her vocal is pretty unique(in good way) her dance skill is good, we cant comparing her dance to other 4, bc the other 4 is in dance line, Lia dance is so good, she is still improving her dance

Chaeryeong is so pretty, i cant understand why ppl said she isn't, as you said she is pretty inside and out, for the dance break and center i hope she will get center dance break next comeback, her dance skill is realli good tho, both of yeji and chaeryeong in main dancer, lets hope them both get the center part

Ryujin, her vocal is good, its not lazy, its her technique, she is talented, her vocal is so angelic, her rap and dance is also good, she is all rounder, and i see a lot of hater saying she isn't good at rapper, that was such a shame, she is good esp since she is the main rapper, she is just didnt showing her real skills

Yuna, she is still young, ppl should understand her, she is really hardwork, she is still studying, yes we should appreciate her talents too not only visual, her vocals, dance, rap, and also the perfomance, she is an all rounder

All of Itzy member is all rounder
All of Itzy member must being loved fairly
All of Itzy member is talented and having their own technique

Truly Midzy will love them all

Edit : we're all(not only midzy other ppl for non-midzy too) we shouldnt comparing other ppl talents with the other, imagine if you're in their position, some ppl comparing your talents with your friends talent, do you like it to being compared?? Ofc no, so we should stop comparing other ppl talents esp idols, thx for read my comment(sorry for my english)

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Unpopular opinion: this is the best ITZY song released.


oh nah


True😢😢I loved it so much it proves how much itzy loves midzy and midzy loves itzy💞💞💞


in 2022 we think that's true

Freesia Aleah

I would include surf on it

Abdo Hadadi

For sure

40 More Replies...


One of the BEST songs Itzy has ever released. It should be more popular



Sweet feather

Lia proving she is the main vocalist. Her vocals are so unique and beautiful

Nazia Syed


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