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Itty Bitty Pieces
by James Ray

(You're breaking me up
And I don't mean maybe
It's too late)...
Little itty bitty pieces, baby

First, you promise me your love
And then you don't stick to it
When I'm floating on a cloud
You put a hole right through it
Then you say you're gonna thrill me
And you just don't do it
Let me tell you about my mind reactin' to it

I'm about to...
Go to pieces, go to pieces
Go to pieces, wooooo
You're breaking me up
And I don't mean maybe
Into little itty bitty pieces, baby

When your kisses start to gettin' good
That's when you end it
When you know how much on you, my dear
My love depended
Now I've got to take some pills
With tranquilizers in it
That is what my family doctor recommended

(Repeat Chorus)

Today you want my love
Tomorrow you don't want it
When you know I'm mad about you
And you play upon it
It's been a long, long time
Since I waited on it
Don't you know how much I need you
Dog gone it

(Repeat Chorus)

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