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Animal Man

Its cool to see one of the best bands ever playing again. I hope for a new record at some point. I saw them on tour in 95.


did the TASCAM DR-60D just got the audio from the line out feed of the console?, hod did you configure it?, thanks!


@HumorlessProductions thank you very much!


The Tascam is a 4-track recorder, so I have two stereo pairs going in to it- one stereo pair coming straight from the mixing board, and also a stereo mic (this one- to get room sound.

I primarily record electronic music shows, and only rarely record rock shows, but the two things are very different in terms of mixing.

Electronic shows, I’ll use probably 90% board mix and 10% room sound in the final mix. Rock shows like this, it’s more like 50/50 because the drums always sound so weird when recorded directly through the mixer. So I gotta use a whole lot more of the PA sound to get the drums to sound normal.

But then, I want to use enough of the board signal to get the clean vocals and other instruments, so it’s a bit of a balancing act.

Cerebral Caustic

needs more sax and bassoon and conga drums to be truly Iceburn, but still pretty cool

vcc trr


wes cheek

Is Cache playing with a pick? Unexpected development.

Christopher Pawloski

I love the album and the band but Gentry's voice isn't there anymore. I think a new album can still bring new joy. BTW my favorite bass solo of all time is in this song. Doug played it better.

The Tell Tale Heart Short Film