A Love Supreme
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A love supreme

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Jim James

@Myndja Bizness I'd go one step further.

Youtube should be decommercialized and decorporatized. In other words youtube should become what it was intended to be. An open site, for people to post videos, with no borders, walls or boundaries, barring perhaps obscenity and incitation to riot. Hate speech is not a real thing. I hate to break it to you but you cannot censor hate speech in a public forum, which youtube is singularly the modern version of the agora.

Youtube is, by all measures, not just a public institution, or forum, but a broken one at that. It's a monopoly that serves no public good or function, and, since the people are in charge, if it doesn't serve their needs it needs to be destroyed.

This is besides the deliberate insertion of ads into content is a serious and dangerous harm to the public's most fundamental right (the right to know). On top of the only business that youtube's in is pushing propaganda and monitoring people's thoughts.

It, like every institution, organization, department and agency, needs to be dismantled, demolished or upended.

Owen Williams

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Bap and UJA

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listening to this in the middle of a quarantine feels like absolute freedom.

Sean Miskovsky

@Андрей Иванов unfortunately it’s the “abiding” that’s the issue

Sean Miskovsky

@Guitar Slinger eggs & toast?

Man Of Red Earth

"Middle" 😊

Laurraine-Marcelle Gereige

And absolute togetherness, doesn't it brother? <3

Ron Carter Bassist

I couldn't agree more!

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Birb Schnauz

This album got me sober, thank you Coltrane.

Alex Anisimov

This album makes me drunk ))

Charlie Golsan

@Jess Yates i didn’t know that the 2 years ago i wrote that i apologize for my ignorance

Jess Yates

@Charlie Golsan That was a foolish statement! Shame on the 27 of you who agreed with this. Coltrane got sober after Miles booted him, he was sober for his entire solo career.

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