After the Rain
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Jami Lim

First three notes Coltrane plays, I immediately receive goosebumps all over my arms. The way Coltrane makes the sax sound so ethereal, it really takes you places man.



Jim Saunders

Like Chopin, you know who it is from the get go.

Minnesota Vaughn

Its actually the first 4 notes

Cuthbert Simpkins MD

Best analysis I have ever read of this composition showing how the technical and the emotional properties are related. I appreciate it deeply


It all starts with that horrendous McCoy Tyner's phrygian chord, not resolving harmonically, bass and drum going along with it, not resolving until Coltrane kicks in with those first Eb's. But even then, Tyner resolves the chord on a heavy dissonance, the heaviest in classical terms, where a seventh is put in the bass. Coltrane keeps going, he's clearly looking for a resolution, but we have a pedal going on, every chord is put on that Ab pedal, which gives us no relief at all. At last it comes some sort of relief, but Tyner plays something that's not part of this world over it; a minor/major chord over a seventh. That's our resolution, but it's not. It's bittersweet, at most. It's heartbreaking. It's tearing our spirit apart. But it's our relief nonetheless. And then the Ab pedal comes back, keeping us in the limbo, for our spirit will never have the answer it's looking for.

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Know it’s not his record, but RIP McCoy, I always loved his playing on this track.🙏🏼


The sound and atmosphere of this recording would be very different without McCoy.


And his own version is beautiful as well.

noah v

One of the most poignant pieces of music i’ve ever experienced. At a summer jazz program at a university in new orleans, the professors presented this piece as well as another Coltrane piece, Africa, to show music that very effectively displayed an image to the listener. This piece very vividly depicts a landscape after rainfall, and gives all the smells and sounds associated with it as well.

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