James Dean
Jr Jr Lyrics


Staring at a cigarette
I tried to quit, but haven't yet
In the moonlight, in a freezing house
Put on the record you've been all about

Ah, na, na, naaaaa, it's all I want to be
I've acting a fool
I've been feeling like good times just don't last
Got me screaming out, "Ooh, ooh, look at me now"
Ah, na, na, naaaaaaaa, all I wanna be
Is to be cool like James Dean

I'm not dumbn, but I've wasted time
A hundred projects; none of them were mine
Suitcase half unpacked
The internet won't ever love you back...

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Comments from YouTube:

Garrett Watts

I am trying to get work done today and I cannot stop watching this on a loop.

Curse your incredible music JR JR and curse your flawless dance moves Adam Carpenter.

Wilo Polis

This album is one of my favorites of all time, it's in my top 5 definitely


Is past Garrett here to save us? Please?


omg no way does Garrett like JR JR too, I am shook they are my fave!


Gotta love garret

Kadyn Lyn

Garrett Watts GARRET

Zachary Taha

This is my backyard and pool. They paid me $800 to use it for 2 days.

Ronnie Harwell



+Zachary Taha Is that also your white cat in the background of the last bit of the video, climbin' like a fool while he's trying to act all cool? - 2:40

Chase Crawshaw

That's awesome

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