Ou Ni Reson
Kaysha Lyrics

i’m sorry for the day when i messed up i told u it’s over
i been such a fool
just a crazy fool
i’m down on my knees beggin u beggin please
come back
girl come back to me
dont let me here

ou ni reson kite mwen baby girl
ou ni reson

all alone in my room tryin to be cool
but im so cold
i’m so lonely now
And i know my flaws
a man in this world ain’t nuttin without
his woman
still i’ve let u down
and I can’t be a man about it

ou ni reson kite mwen baby girl
ou ni reson

ouh wo oh

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Comments from YouTube:

Abiodun Akinwande

this song makes me cry, cuz i do miss my 2005/2006 moments feel like seeing those days back. i miss i a lots of people.

J.B 100% Lemos

É sempre bom ter saudades 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Abiodun Akinwande

yeah, much more like this your music


+Abiodun Akinwande Music is connected to moments

Anais Kmeroundiaz

Kaysha même après toutes ces années tu restes au top. Je t'ai écouté pendant toute mon adolescence et je t'écoute encore. Continue de nous toucher au coeur

itsRodrigues fashionstar

this is a real song 😍


+artemisia lopes rodrigues Thank u 🙏⭐️

Danielle Boursier

C'est juste magnifique ! J"adore , une fois de plus tu nous enchantes !! Merci :-) <3


+Danielle Boursier merci beaucoup Didi

Cawamel Toucouleur

Still listen to this song on 2019!!!!!

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