Pom pom
Kelsey Ellison Lyrics

Arigatou gozaimasu
Ima, London ni ikimashou

Welcome to my life, it's like disney gone wrong
Like wanderin' through Bagdad calling out a bird song
I think I'm going crazy
Think hello I'm loony toons
I hear the sound of the death machine
But I'm stuck to the floor like glue

[Chorus Intro]
Never gonna get with me tonight
Never gonna get
Never gonna get
Never gonna get inside my mind
Never gonna get
Never gonna get (ah ah)

So I wanna see you shake that pom pom pom
If you get where this is coming from
So I wanna see you shake that pom pom pom
If you get where this is coming from
Yeah I wanna see you shake your pom pom pom
When you're not home and the light is on
Yeah I wanna see you shake that pom pom pom
Shake that pom pom pom

[Verse 2:]
Look inside my head, you see Bambi runnning free
Like choo choo trains across the brain, letting of all the steam
But sometimes it's too much
It's like hey car wheres my dude
Wanna take a bite just like Snow White
Wake up (? In a sick as lude?)


Feel like I can jump right off the pier
Yes I got the call, but the martians here
First it was all about bungee jumping
In chick for the strings and I'm feeling nothing

Wished I could fly like a smashed in pumpkin
Midnight came and I'm no longer her
Looking for the bird like my names Slyvester
But you're looking like a frog so I might forget yah


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

L.A. Zen

Not to "bum you out" ... teehee. "bum" ... since my wife passed away (this past August 16), we/I hadn't really gotten back into working on preparations for the re-launch of our L.A. Zen projects in 2016. BUT(T) when we/I stumbled upon your groovy dance routines here, it excited us/me with a refreshed outlook on the type of entertainment we/I would like to showcase in the future. Your intelligence, passion for what you obviously thoroughly enjoy, and the resulting precision performances that super duper entertain our/my sensorium(s) makes us/me so utterly grateful for your spirited goals of becoming such a FUNtastical performance artist.

You're a killer thriller, sis! And we hope to network you into our international 2016 cavalcade of scrumptious mind candy as well as more direct collaborations. Keep on rockin'! <3 <3

:D Kiki (RIP) & Kirk :D

P.S. Just know that critics and thumbdownersof your works are just big talentless babies (DISCLAIMER: No offense meant towards actual babies.) with soiled diapers that no one cares to change for them. They're very unhappy (crappy) little turdlettes that have no tact nor the ability to just kiss off (AKA 'P off') without causing discomfort or discontent wherever they happen to stop to generally annoy others.

Never worry about what the "critics" have to say, sis. Only focus on your goals and dreams and the people who appreciate you and what you do for them. You're a powerhouse of entertainment compared to no other. So you get into your zone, crystalise your concentration, and those who appreciate you will lift you up to where we'd all like to see you: front and center stage.


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Well that's going to be stuck in my head for the next forever.

Gracie Anderson

It’s been 7 years and I still know all the words

Sanni Kulmalainen

still going?

Charlie Mcardlr

AcidBubbles419 its fine

Charlie Mcardlr

Boyinaband I’m sub to both of u and i did not realise that u even know how she is pls can I have a shout out

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Oh Kelsey! You should make an official dance video for this :P

Joyce Tam



I agree .

Yapura Meri

I like it ♥!!


Revisiting this after 5 years. I forgot what an absolute banger this was.

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