There They Go feat. Dynamite MC
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Rocket Music

I kinda tried to put them together, didn't get everything tho:
[Verse 1]
I got a train to catch, to catch the plane
M25, switch over three lanes
Every weekend, man it's just the same
it's the game, and I love it, and I don't complain
Back and forth and forth and back
Step to the stage, see how they react
Gotta give 'em something, let's double [?]
We got bass, but I not only wanna jump to that
Eeny miny moony meeny,
now tell me which's cruchy, we got it for the needy
Got it for the thirsty, we got it for the greedy
Got it for the slow-slow, got it for the speedy
Over, over bars and bars
Hit the next real heard, we work for hours
[?] we jump out rusty cars
Them boys is big, they superstars!

[Verse 2]
Let us through, we got moves to make
94 rolls, gotta feel the break
You in the red, yeah, you start to shake
You in the blue, yeah, you look great
Made a pledge, I gotta work the crowd
Sound engineer, turn it up real load
Show you how I do this, black and blue this
Run all through this, leave a line on the ground
Recognize a man on a mission
My passport, visa, ready in position
Heathrow, check, go, terminal 4
They cheat me, like I'm Busta yellin' "gimme some more"
We got the world on lockdown, start, don't pop down,
[?] flying a flag and never get shot down
Play it with the top down, can't turn a hot down
Club for club, we just tear the whole lot down!

[Verse 3]
This is Krafty Kuts and a crafty MC
Got a style, got a take, got a break, got a break
Got a mind that says "be what you wanna be"
I'm allergic to people who's blocking me,
clocking me, stoppin me, won't let me pass
And I've had it with talking and [?], reportin'
But simply, you won't let me blast
See it's a mindstate thing
this tune ain't about the the fame and things
This tune's all about get that mo',
gotta work that, hurt that, get that globe
And that's just what we doing,
ain't no mountain to stop us pursuing
So when we move past, real slow or fast,
Come at me, on first glance
You can keep on singin' now

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Colin Sweett

2019 and still on!

Jamie Thirsk

Colin Sweett ya man! Still good and taking me back!

DJ Verstyle

Official title of this tune is- Krafty Kuts vs Freestylers - Dynamite Love (feat Dynamite Mc) On an album called Against The Grain 👍


It's on Fabriclive 34 - Krafty Kuts. Doesn't say much else.

Adam Glover

Spandau ballet , those of a certain age will know 😂


It's The Game and I love it and I don't complain! Lost The Game...


what a great tune bouncing to this..i wanna buy it on itunes can somebody help me...whats the name of album plz.x

DJ Verstyle

Against the grain, tune is called Dynamite Love


@OCquattro ........spandau ballet - to cut a long story short

Brandon Lefebvre

This song is just sick love it

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