it's so fine
LaVern Baker Lyrics

You don′t a wanna me
It's a fantasy
I can tell by the way your treating me
You run around
And you have your fun
Do you proma to me when your down

But is so fine
Yeah so fine
But its so fine
To be with you

You stay out all,
All the night long
And you say that baby it is wrong
I should have left you
Long ago
But I can′t because I know

That it's so fine
Yeah so fine
But it's so fine
To be with you

You wanted to have
Control on me
But baby you know that this should′nt be
I wanted to leave you
But baby
I can′t because you know

And it's so fine
Yeah so fine
But it′s so fine
To be with you

Writer(s): Al Green, Berry Gordy Jr., Tyran Carlo

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Graham Shepherd

Just bought LaVern's triple cd Complete singles 1949 to 1962 A's and B's. 71 tracks! Instantly became one of my most treasured cd's..Lavern is one of my absolute favourite artists. The end of her life was incredibly sad, but she was an indominatable spirit to the end. RIP LaVern.


An early composition by Berry Gordy of Motown fame.

Eric Rockabilly

i have some Lavern Baker 78 single.

Elizabeth Danielle Sima Viggiano

LAVERN baker miss rock & roll ATLANTIC RECORDS the house she decorated and labelmate RUTHbrown miss RTHYMN two favs

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