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by Late Nite Reading

I'm a creature of habit,
and I really must say,
Man, I miss being young,
in every single way.
Nostalgia's got the best of me,
ad I'm a fan of nothing new,
'cause the past is golden,
and there's nothing to improve.
I miss the 90's

So here I am,
alone again,
Thinking about the glory days.
It's what it is,
we're 90's kids,
it won't ever change.
It was great when we had it,
but you don't realize when
everyone wants to get older
but you forget what you'll miss.

I want to build a time machine,
but nothing really seems to work,
my flux capacitor's broken
and man, it really hurts.
Nostalgia's got the best of me.
And I"m I fan of nothing new.
Because the past is silver.
And there's nothing to improve.

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