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The Sands Of Time
by LeAnn Rimes

From the beginning of this own world,
Man has shed a million tears.
Tears for the pain they've had
In their lives and for all the
Wasted years.
But the saddest tears that ever fell,
Fell not from just any man's eyes.
But they were shed by my Savior
And they stained The Sands Of Time.

As the Father looked upon His Son,
He had to turn His face away.
And as Jesus hung upon that cross,
He gave His all for us that day.
And as the tears ran down His face,
As He cried, mixed with the blood
That flowed from His side. Oh what
A sacrifice of love and it stained
The Sands Of Time.

Oh yes it stained The Sands Of Time.
It stained The Sands Of Time.
The blood that was shed for a lost
And dying world,
Oh yes it stained
The Sands Of Time..... of time.


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