Try Me
Liam Lynch Lyrics

You should try me
Come on, supply me
I'm sweet but I'm fly, me
Oh won't you come on, stand by me

Don't you call me on the telephone and say you're shy
Got no excuses so just use it all to blow my mind

You should try me baby
You should try me

I find that every soul's the same
Everybody's hungry for something
Are you hungry, babe, for love?
You're looking hungry to me babe
So why not just try me, yeah

You should try me
Gratify me
We could just turn on the stereo and see how it goes

You should try, try, try, try, try
You should try me

Come on and grind me

Just name one reason why you should try
To let yourself go unsatisfied
Come on, try me

Tch, tch
Tch, tch

Try, try, try

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Comments from YouTube:


Esse cara é incrível
Num tenho palavras para descrever
Ele só é...



He's cute either way! Oof! Genius.

Crystal C

liam lynch is amazing and i think he needs to date me.


this song is soo my favourite from all his other songs, it's so catchy, I just want to listen ti it all the time ^^

Derek Brotherton

Marc Bolan (rip) wishes he had this outlet.



Brittany Fredericks

liam came and sang me a song called try me and i was like WHATEVER

Katie Blazick

I love this guy :-D

James Blumhagen

if you like this watch the panda song it's hillarious it's also by liam lynch


Hes multi talented..awsome dude...

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