Words Of A Real Nigga
Lil Boosie Lyrics

From sun down to sun up, be bout ya come up
You wake up to get ya cake up, be bout ya paper
Never snitch, take ya silence to the grave with ya
Give back to the hood if you a made nigga
If you a daddy then you got responsibilities
Deadbeats close ya ears, you ain't feelin me
You say you thuggin, if you thuggin, live or die by it
You say you hustlin, teach ya clique to be wise by it
Keep ya tool on ya mane, you know the rules
Them real niggas in college who gotta wake up for school
Hustler, what you doin for a living
You satisfied with the money you gettin, you ain't no real nigga
Respect ya elders, believe me you'll live longer
My nigga kids my kids, that's how we live homie
Depend on if you realer than the next nigga
I'm straight G, this fuckin jewelry don't make me
No man or woman shall separate us, that meek shit
You play some games, forgive me God
It's G shit
I lay down law, I keep it real with niggas
You play games, I deal with niggas

Money don't make me, I'm straight G
The words of a real nigga
No man or woman shall separate we, my niggas
The words of a real nigga

Old school ran it to me
Told me even when ya bread low, nigga never keep your head low
If that's yo girl love yo girl, fuck what yo niggas say
But he supposed to speak his mind if he feel that way
If you a boss, break it off when it's bond time
'Cause you know it was fucked up one time
One time already know, shit call my lawyer
Tell em I plead the fifth
And they done bugged my charges
Hustle hard, wake up early and get on ya grind
If you a soulja be a soulja til it come yo time
Niggas jealous in this world and they dirty too
For a lil fame and a big name, they'll murder you

Money don't make me, I'm straight G
The words of a real nigga
No man or woman shall separate we, my niggas
The words of a real nigga

No man or woman shall separate what we create
Some niggas die, some niggas --, some niggas --
Some niggas fake and say they real in every fuckin verse
They wanna beef and wanna be, they gon say it first
Don't it hurt deep inside when niggas turn bitch
Let a bitch take his figures, separate his niggas
Ain't it funny, with the money everything change
You keep it real with yo nigga in the chain game
When it all falls down can you maintain
Stay real, stay silent with out no fuckin violence
If a nigga cross the line would you sought in private
I got yo back
I got yo back

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Justin Perez

The ones that put that thumbs down aint Real ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜‚

Leo Whitaker

@JT Yates WCW dwd2cd2cc22c2cdc wcf w dd's DC's e tree 5

Anthony Harris

Straight up.

Shelton Harris

Thumb down, headed straight to their ass hole.boosie been fuckin with you since that green and yellow monster.shell lell 843 charlestodian.charleston s.c.

Roland Eugene

Belee dat


theas nigias that got they thumbs up actshally be tryna to be hard . but you antwon . you anteabout that smoke nigga why you name 10KXAY beach

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If u a daddy then u got responsibility , dead beats close ur ears u aint feelin me๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’ฏ

Danigel Cowan

@JT Yates a

Sahara Silvester


Leon Shelley

Yes, love the way he let the deadbeats know they not welcomed here

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