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Livin Sacrifice Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Livin Sacrifice:

Hellraiser I'm living on an endless road Around the world for rock…

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1. How does it work?
Works the same as any other neural network framework roughly speaking, such as PyTorch or Tensorflow
2. What can it do?
It's a framework to perform neural network operations on both the CPU and GPU.
3. Why is he making it?
I am only guessing here, but namely:
a. street cred
b. to gain a much deeper understanding of ML and NN frameworks, which is useful for his autonomous driving day to day work.
c. Perhaps one day he will convert the stack from torch to TinyGrad.

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george hotz archive

If you have been enjoying George's streams consider subscribing and help him get twitch partner! George is really enjoying working on so make sure to give it a star and contribute with good pull requests. Also follow on so he will get the blue check mark. Break at 04:23:00. Part7 of tinygrad development. George's post on Hacker News | Programming archive🡿

David Omar

10 hours streaming tech. No wonder this guy is successful in what he does, he puts in the hours and is relentless

Paul Bentley

Jesus, he's a machine

dylan sloth

@Jonathan Weimane 😂

Anak Wannaphaschaiyong

@KelvinxG thats 2 session combied


@Nikhil Mathur there are probably videos of him doing 19 hours of coding or something like that im sure you can find it on his channel.

Nikhil Mathur

@KelvinxG which is the longest?

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western vibes

Bruh he just turned a fun project into a serious nn framework wtf

Ale Fratat

Lol, very very far to be serious at all. Just a toy framework. You can find hundred similar on github btw.

Carlos Segura

fuck yeah

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