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Lloyd Cole Lyrics

Mamma I guess I just found my match
I'd line here in the dark I had a face
gone station coming alive ...
I am not afraid to die
Born 1961 just like you, while a hundred fifty nine thousand mettre...
Comming to the left on me, flying to my rights, these was the best of times
It was my... to find the age
Next to me the ...
That old man come and say ...
Welcome to my funeral... you wouldn't guess me ...
These was the best of times
Ooh hansome my lover where will you gaves fall now
Come back where I fall will you cry?
These was the best times
With the promis of better times

Contributed by Sophie A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Sills & Smith

An absolutely gorgeous song. An instant classic amongst so many brilliant Lloyd Cole tunes. Love it.

Martin Vincent

Best line from the wordsmith “Infiltrating the cabinets of the Western Union”


Whoa. I thought this video was a splice of old footage of Lloyd with new, but it's his son. How cool!

Marcus der Fürst

This is a very nice song. It always brings me a good mood, although it is sentimental either. I like "Standards" better than the 1980’s records. The sound is clearer, straight forward, no 80’s reminiscence in it (despite the lyrics ;-). I somehow had lost interest in Lloyd Cole in the past 10 years or so. But recently my wife gave me a ticket to one of his acoustic shows as a present. Since then I am again a great admirer of his music and skills and re-discovered also the albums “The Negatives” and “Music in A Foreign Language”. Lloyd deserves much more media attention. It is sad that commercial success of the later albums seems to be very low. I really hope that he never stops recording.

The VHS music channel

"West Berlin you really guessed my name by now my sure grin these were the best of times" :))



Patrick Oneil

If I had heroes Lloyd would be pretty high on my list. Still making great songs 😊


Until you hear an interview when he defends the Boston Bombers. Yup. He's one of THOSE.


Consistently brilliant as ever.

Brian Cole

As someone who played a small part in the production, I have to say I like this.

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