Love Train
London Boys Lyrics

I'm a party man an' I shake ma thang
To the rhythm 'cross the floor

'Cause party time is lovin' time
An' I feel it more and more

You don't need a ticket if you wanna dig it
Come on up and step on in

Do the locomotion with true devotion
We're travelin' 'cross the land

Love train baby
We're ridin' high on the

Love train baby
Just you an' I

Love train baby
Another night on my

Love train

Live it up, gonna use it up
Come on move your body
Live it up, gonna use it up
Let's make love tonight

Live it up, gonna use it up
Come on move your body
Live it up, gonna use it up
Get down, get down

Aggravation, crime an' modern times
We're losing day by day

Better turn around and break for love
There ain't no other way

Like a river rising, hypnotizing
Can you feel the force?

Every sister, brother, black an' white
Everybody step on board

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Comments from YouTube:

Serikkazy Ashimov

Дискотека "Сары - Арка " летняя площадка . Алма - Ата 🇰🇿 90 гг. 😘😘


I loved this song the first time I heard it!!

Alla Adelberg

"london boys" is wonderful

Алексей Орлов

Солнечные ребята были, позитивные.

NinDendy 8

со школьных лет люблю эту песню ))) трек


love this song !

adam krol

Super czasy i super muzyka ,duzo wspomnien!!!!!!!

Tarara Sorin

RIP!They sing to GOD now...

Marat Adaldos

Super czasy song!!!

Amit Kumar

Sweet soul music Thier second album .1991 realeased cassettes still with me for playing.thier music forever young .

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