2 Be Free
Luciana Lyrics

Ooh baby where you running to?
Cause you won't get very far
And the light in your head, especially speaking so loudly
That you gotta get out
You're living a lie and you know it
You gotta get free so you can be
So you're running and running, running and running

To be free The man in the town is pouring coffee for you to drink
Put your head in your hands, take a sip of your life so you can think
About your future and dreams, keep up the fantasy
Let me out of your spin and it's on as you dream the last of your coffee

To be free Get out, get free, be who you want to be
What you gotta see, who you gotta see
Get out, get free, be who you want to be
What you gotta see, who you gotta see

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Comments from YouTube:

Mary Rimmer

After she went through all this, I read she passed. Is that true? Poor lady

Mary Rimmer

RIP dear one!

I like To Sniff Books

Mary Rimmer yes, she did x

Cindy Autrey

Why can't the whole world just love and respect each other! What a wonderful place this would be!!!

Mary Coley

this type of digging is my favorite. when the jigger comes out whole there is less fear of infection and confidence that nothing is left behind to cause issues later.

Myra Logsdon

I'm so happy this lady ❤️ is in heaven with Jesus 💙 ! She has a beautiful set of feet ! Praise the Lord 🙌 !


These volunteers have some serious skill with the blade...

RE-man Vision

omg...there's layers upon layers of jigger on Luciana feet...

Richard Reeves

I hope she got something for pain when this was finished. Looks like a quarter of her feet disappeared.

Michi me

Holy moly!!!!! I can't believe the size of the ones that are being plucked from her big toe.
Poor lady

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