Rap Ambush
MF DOOM Lyrics

who told you dat?
roll through, BRAAT!
old to the new knows who holds the hat
custom tailor-fitted, head stayed same size
big since first born, well-spitted game-wise
same guy, same disguise, sick aim eyes
stare at thick dame thighs, click, claim prize
and the lucky contestant was sent a whole year supply of buckets of yucky excrement
digital format, provide the rom, ride calm, flow is like a roadside bomb
flipped the humvee, impact was limb-nubbing
camera-man wig back, gunners screaming "incoming!"
RPG, rhyme propelled grenade
time to yell, scramble for cover in the shade
bright as the mid-day sun, then it fade
darkness come quick, some run and get sprayed
rot dead, hot lead, it's rainin'
left 'em with they brains kicked in with they trainin'
dragged the remains into the open by the bootstraps
dog-tag attached to explosive human booby traps
where's air support? ears ringin', mortars whistlin'
blood-shot vision, afterthought: abort mission
too little too late as the last man gush
took no prisoners, mush, RAP AMBUSH!

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Comments from YouTube:


This song is 150/175 (86%) unique words the fact he stayed on topic with 86% unique words is unhuman

Lobster with Mustard and Rice

DOOM is literally the best lyricists of all rappers


such an underrated DOOM song

Jay Sven

Damn this beat insane ooooooooou

Bob Frank

The greatest fucking MC to ever hold the mic

Benny Beer

6 lames




I have a feeling death grips could cover this song very well