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Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard Lyrics

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Hail of Bullets Summer 1941 Instructors start to train A night bomber squa…
Re:\Legion Respektvoll gefΓΌrchtet im Schutz der Dunkelheit werden sie e…

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Comments from YouTube:

Christopher Williams

Finally, a doom band that's not trying to sound like a heavier version of Black Sabbath. I've listened to hundreds of these bands and right away you're like, "That riff sounds like Black Sabbath".

ROB HAMMER *stonerdoom*psych*sludge*grunge*metal*

'NACHTHEXEN' basically consists of 5 or 6 different tracks and each part
is even heavier than the other one!!! DOOMheaven for me!!!

Gavin Burns

The ongoing riff that starts at 5:20 is probably one of the greatest sounds a mortal man can ever be subjected to.

joze cdld

also i see one dislike, how can you get here and dislike it ? i cant figure it out


these guys rock. on an already thriving doom scene. what a time to be alive.

Eric Krigbaum

The riff that starts at 11:39 and goes on for a good while is one is one of the heaviest Jams ever.

Christopher Williams

I keep rewinding this awesome tune. It's a perfect blend of rhythmic and heavy **Hints of "Children of the Grave" with that standout riff.

Christopher Williams

I had listened to this album at least 4 times while writing and I didn't really notice that section, but today I laid down to snooze and I almost always wear my headphones but somewhere in the middle I realized "That is so Heavy and Crisp, smooth, power riffing. Now I'm not just hearing it. Lesson well accepted here.

Hugo Henrion

This riff litterally cut my breath and made me want to pretend I was a rock.


Yes. More. Again. Take me. Give me. Go away. Come back please.

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