Get Your Gunn
Marilyn Manson Lyrics

Goddamn your righteous hand
I eat innocent meat
The housewife I will beat
The prolife I will kill
What you won't do I will
I bash myself to sleep
What you sow I will reap
I scar myself you see
I wish I wasn't me
I am the little stick
You stir me into shit
I hate therefore I am
Goddamn your righteous hand
Goddamn Goddamn
Goddamn Goddamn
Pseudo morals work real well on the talk shows for the week
But your selective judgments and good guy badges don't mean to fuck to me
I am the VHS
Record me with your fist
Want me to save the world
I'm just a little girl
Get your gunn, get your gunn
Get your gunn, get your gunn


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Pumpkin Smasher79


Get you BEEP

BEEP your righteous hand
I eat innocent BEEP
The housewife I will BEEP
The prolife I will BEEP
What you won't do I BEEP
I BEEP myself to sleep
What you sow I will BEEP
I BEEP myself you see
I BEEP I wasn't me

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wtf is the point of censorship in an MM video
people come on here knowing that it's not gonna be all clean & christian 
this is marilyn manson, not ariana grande

St BlackBeauty

HAHAHA yes! Totally agree!

Bheeshma yo

Lol 😂 Ariana Grande

that random goth

Yeah and for the word damn too

Ronnie Browning

Lol your right

Brandon_The Crow

In this case I think it may have actually been intentional on Mansons part. At least for the video. When you put the lyrics and subject matter of the song it makes sense from a theatrical and social commentary standpoint.

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Steve Forbes

God BEEP good lord, god BEEP good lord, god BEEP good lord...

Brett Boller


Selina Kyle

OMFG yes reading this had me in tears lol.. thank you for that. I needed that laugh this morning lol.

deanon man

🙏 hallelujah). Deus vult?

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