We Could Make It Easy If We Try
Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

Respect one another
Learn to live in peace together
Demonstrating we could make it
By doing the things we′ve been doing together so long
Things hard but we don't have to spoil one another reputation
Gone away, blabbing your mouth like you mad
The lies you tell, like you really hate Trinidad

After all these years united, politicians come with lies
Exciting people, dividing people with mischief and mamguay
But we could make it, we could make it, you and I
We could make it easy if we try

Side by side, we grow up
Sharing laughter, sharing tears
Through the good times, even the bad times
We come out and support one another all the way
Look how we celebrate the same religious and public holiday
Of course, we have disagreements that we must face
But that doesn′t mean politicians must bring up race

It's too much hate and racial tension
Too much politics of spite
Tell your leaders, preachers and teachers
That rhetoric have to die
'Cause we could make it we could make it, you and I
We could make it easy, easy if we try.

We had the same schooling
Basically we had same housing
We called other "Neighbour, neighbour!"
Racism never entered our hearts before
Now all of a sudden like both ah we fighting civil war
Where did you learn to treat me with such disregard?
And when did you learn Douglarisation is so bad?

Those who fan the flames of hatred
They themselves, they don′t know why
If you let them people succeed, they go put water in we eye
I say we could make it, we could make it, you and I
We could make it easy, if we try

Racism is poison
For the advocators, there′s no pardon
To have friends and neighbours become total strangers
And calling each other names to cause injury
We allowing them damn politicians to divide and rule, we
To abide politics of hate is suicide
When peaceful coexistence is tested and tried

You say you facing persecution?
"No freedom" you jump and cry
Now with Canadian immigration, deportation
Back home you have to die
And we could make it, we could make it, you and I
We could make it easy, if we try

We could make it, we could make it, you and I, baby

Afro, Indo-Trinidadian
We are one, there's no deny
Tell them I tell you, no Dougla have to bow their head and be shy
′Cause we could make it, we could make it, you and I
We could make it easy, if we try

Writer(s): Slinger Francisco

Contributed by Mason V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Brooklyn Six

Respect, Peace, and Harmony! The Mighty Sparrow and his 1991 hit!

Riyadh Rafique

This is a song for every nation under dictatorship. A song where democracy is under siege. This is an a message for every politician- Prime Minister, President, Senator, Alderman- stop the foolishness. Dont only tell the public what they want to hear, and then on the the first day on the job, to the day you resign from office, you have your own agenda!!!!

Exodus Pessoa

Great Song Great Message


A song America needs today!

mIkeY j

There won't be another like Birdie again, the might sparrow is king

Romeo Marley

@Miles Ty instablaster :)

Miles Ty

Sorry to be so off topic but does anybody know a way to get back into an instagram account..?
I was stupid forgot my password. I would appreciate any tricks you can offer me!

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